Tips To Keep In Mind While Decluttering Your House

Clutter is everything that either belongs at another place or does not belong in your house at all. It is everything unnecessary and is often a by-product of some constant procrastination over the days. Along with making your home look ugly, clutter also increases the level of stress and mental anxiety. It is a fact that decluttering is therapeutic and helps in keeping ourselves managed and well-organized.

Decluttering is a consistent responsibility and not just a one-time thing. If you keep decluttering after a few days, you will not have to spend lengthy periods sorting out your stuff later. But if you are now stuck with the dilemma of decluttering a spot in your house and having no idea how to do it, read further. Here we have some fantastic tips to keep in mind while decluttering your home:

Create A Decluttering Plan

If it has been months, and now it has suddenly dawned on you that you need to declutter the house, start with chalking out a plan! You cannot merely sort the entire house in one go. If you are planning to, stop right now. A better approach that we recommend is to divide the areas over a few days. For example, you could declutter half the kitchen one day and the other half the next day. Once you declutter the kitchen completely, move on over to the garage, and so on.

Sort Your Belongings and Discard Unneeded Items

The root of all cluttering evil is hoarding and the fear of discarding something you may need later. But unless you have used an item in the last year, you do not perhaps need it. The anxiety is real, and you have to address it if you need to own a clutter-free home.

After a month or so, sort between your things and ask yourself three questions: Do I need it? Do I like it? Can I trade my comfort for this? The answers to these questions can help you get over your anxiety and prevent you from becoming a hoarder. On the other hand, if you are decluttering your house and feel you lack space to store your belongings, you can hire external storage space. For example, consider you live in Augusta, GA. The usual weather there is hot and humid. You may find it difficult to move your items around or keep them outside in the heat to find enough space for decluttering inside the house. You can look into all your available options for storage units in Augusta GA, to help you in the decluttering process.

Look into The Various Closet Arrangement Techniques

House management is a complete art in itself. It is not a piece of cake and will surely give you a hard time. Your closets may be one of those places that quickly get overcrowded and are home to most of the mess in your house. The first thing to remember is always to keep things in their area, to begin with. For example, remember always to fold the laundry and not just stuff it in. Secondly, adopt one or the other house management tactics. For instance, Marie Kondo, a renowned organizing consultant, suggests dividing closet space in between the categories of clothing items such as scarves, socks, pants, and tops.

Keep the Countertops Clutter-Free

Keeping too many things up on your countertops, desks, dining, or coffee tables, etc., is one of the main reasons behind excessive crowding of your house. One fundamental goal to achieve is to clean up the flat surfaces as much as possible when organizing. It would be best if you aimed at keeping everything inside drawers and cabinets. This way, your house feels less cluttered and more organized and spacious.

Ask for Help

Putting your house in order, especially when it is super messed-up, is an elaborate job. Doing it all on your own may only frustrate you and make you hate the process. Consider asking a friend to join in or maybe seek professional help with the house management. These days, several services and professionals can take up these tasks single-handedly, relieving you of most of the stress.


Clutter is terrible for an individual’s physical and emotional well-being. While a crowded space makes you feel uncomfortable and restricted, decluttering helps you feel sorted and managed. On the other hand, a house with too much stuff never looks aesthetically pleasing. Owning too many things may also make it difficult for you to focus on the things you truly need and like. It kills gratitude and instead turns a person into a hoarder. And this is why we advise you to declutter and organize your homes often to spend a healthy, stress-free life.

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