Top 3 Pieces of Women’s Motorcycle Gear for Summer Riding


There’s no time like summer to get on your bike and bask in the warm weather and the lure of the open road. Staying cool and comfortable is one of the biggest challenges of summer riding, however. Thanks to today’s manufacturers, women can find some of the most stylish and (literally) cool gear available on the market. This same gear offers all-important protection from the elements and road conditions. If you need a break from browsing for motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories, here’s a quick look at the top three pieces of women’s gear for summer riding.

  1.  Jacket

When you’re looking for a summer jacket, you want the same protection as your winter jacket but the option for greater airflow and ventilation. Staying cool is a key factor in enjoying your ride, whether it’s a short commute or a multi-day adventure. Manufacturers keep this in mind while designing and producing some of the best women’s motorcycle gear, including jackets. Perforated leather and mesh are just some of the tough, breathable materials manufacturers utilize in their summer jacket lines. Speed and Strength’s Sinfully Sweet Mesh Jacket and Roland Sands Design Trinity Perforated Leather Jacket are just two examples of products that keep you protected and feeling and looking cool!

  1.  Casual Wear

Once you’ve picked out your summer jacket, you’re bound to think about what to wear underneath it so that you’re comfortable when you’re off your bike, hanging out with your buddies. In the summer months, casual wear such as a soft, breathable T-shirt is a no-brainer. From 100 percent cotton options to rayon and polyester blends, you can easily find a shirt in the material you prefer against your skin. You can also find the design that suits you the best. From racerback tank tops to V-neck T-shirts in women’s cuts, there’s an incredible range of choice from manufacturers as diverse as Bell, Fly Racing and Honda Collection. Don’t forget, too, that branded casual wear allows you to fly your fan flag for your favorite motorcycle or helmet manufacturer!

  1. Sunglasses 

While sunglasses boost your street style, they are a key piece of gear for summer riding. Offering you eye protection and improved visibility through all hours of the day, their product range rivals that of motorcycle aftermarket parts! Trusted manufacturers such as BikeMaster, Bobster and Dragon give you incredible options to suit your style and summer riding conditions. For example, convertible sunglasses allow you to convert your shades to goggles and vice versa, while photochromic sunglasses’ lenses darken in brighter sunlight and lighten in lower light. Closed-cell memory foam backing is another welcome feature that allows your glass to fit comfortably to your face and keeps out wind and road debris. As you can see, there are a variety of features and options to consider when it comes to buying sunglasses.

Summer gives you some of the best opportunities to rock stylish and comfortable protective gear. Ready to stock up for warm weather riding? Browse retailers’ websites for women’s motorcycle gear and accessories. You’ll find the best women’s atv riding gear there, too.

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