The Beginners Guide to Petra Tours

It gives goosebumps when you finally decide to visit the place of your dreams. The imagination is fantasizing enough that it propels you to pack your bags and with the help of a gadget reach the destination. For the half of life so many, Petra is a goal, mission, and arch to attain. Petra tours from Jordan Dirct Tours, a well-known Jordan travel agency, allow you to visit this magic place.

The Lost City of Petra captures the resonance of many individuals. Petra is an ancient archaeological site in Jordan that takes the ice off between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. At the traditional moments, the city was carved into the rock and situated at the crossroads. For now, it is designated to be the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the wonders that invite the visit of travelers.

What should you consider before going to Petra?

There are couples of things that you should administer before leaving the comfort of your house. Some of them are:-

Is Jordan safe to visit?

Jordan is specifically known for its unsafe neighbors.  Anything can happen at any hour of the day. But to counter-effect the neighbors’ thing, the country is termed to be one of the safest places in the Middle East accumulated with standard infrastructure. Do not try your luck and move around the borders of Iraq and Syria. It is advisable that before packing your bags, keep a daily record of the happenings in the place. Try asking your travel guide to get you a decent hotel in tourist areas like Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman, Wadi Mujib, and it’s like.

Do you need a guide or tour?

The recent advancement in the digital world, you can travel to Petra all by yourself. But, if you are not finding it safe to take the curtains off by yourself then you a tour guide can simplify things for you. You can even take the guide from the entrance of Petra. The best thing about a trained guide is that he or she will provide you with a deep historical past of the place and show you the best pictures.

How long should you spend in Petra?

It is necessary to look into your budget because you will not notice and get all the money vested in just staying in Petra. A 2-day stay is good as the park is massive. For a two-day trip, the budget would be 55 Jordanian dinars (JOD). If you wish to stay in Wadi Musa, it will cost you around 90 JOD.

What to see in Petra? 

You can take the plunge from the trail that starts between the Theatre and the Colonnaded Street.  The next segment of Petra Tours should include the Siq followed by the Treasury, the Street of Facades and the Amphitheatre, the Colonnaded Street, the Monastery and the Royal tombs. 

Experience the beauty of Petra at night. You will find the bumble in your appendix. Make it worthwhile when you plan a Jordan trip as it is very hot in the place you can carry sunscreen and water, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, plenty of cash, and hiking boots. 

Do not panic from day one itself. Your Jordan travel agency will arrange every single thing for you. The agency makes sure that the travelers have a pleasant stay that would make them remember the Lost City.  

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