Top 5 Cruise Ship Accidents in San Francisco

Cruises are a popular option for vacationing Americans. According to data from the Cruise Lines International Association, the US cruise industry has outperformed America’s economy after reaching $18 billion over the past decade.

Cruise ship accidents are not unheard of, sometimes due to negligent actions of the crew members, the cruise line, or the employees. A competent maritime attorney San Francisco will help you know whether you should file a claim after an accident at sea.

Some of the most common cruise ship accidents include:

Boarding and disembarking accidents

Even when the ship is securely docked in the port, you could experience injuries as you embark or disembark. In instances when passengers have to use tenders to board or disembark, chances of an accident rise exponentially. You may slip and fall if you are not fit to climb down the ladder or stand on swaying deck.

Slip and fall mishaps

A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), 45% of injuries sustained in cruise ships were caused by slips, falls, or trips. You may easily trip and fall in a poorly lit walkway, a narrow staircase, a wet deck, or due to poorly cleaned spillages. Severe weather conditions, including heavy rains and rough seas, also contribute to slips and falls while traveling at sea.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning in a cruise ship may happen due to poor handling or storage of food supplies. This is why most cruise ships have terms and conditions that allow passengers to seek to be refunded in case of food poisoning. A competent maritime lawyer will help you know whether you can file a lawsuit after a food poisoning incident.

Poor medical care

While you do not expect to have advanced medical facilities on a cruise ship, they should provide reasonable care if a passenger or a crew member gets injured or becomes ill. You can file a lawsuit if you receive negligent medical care or if the staff failed to get you help in time, thus making your condition worse.

Accident due to navigational changes

Most cruise ships have stabilizers which reduce the rolling sensation or pitching while traveling at sea. However, sudden course or speed variation could have dramatic effects on the passengers, crew, as well as the items on board. Unsecured items can fall on passengers or people on board may lose their footing and injure themselves.

Why you should seek legal help

Whether you are a passenger or a crew member who has sustained an injury in a cruise ship, it is important that you seek the services of a maritime attorney San Francisco who is familiar with all aspects of the maritime law. We will take the time to review your case, find out who is at fault, and inform you of your rights.

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