Top 5 UK Universities Highlighting the League Tables


British education is an affair that surmounted several blizzards and still decides to stronger than ever. Despite prophesying of its undecided collapse, the report deliberately reflects the existing stronghold on the UK education system. Be it a Harry Potter effect or the sustenance of the British Empire, British universities constantly strive a strong pull across the world.

The major League Table of the UK universities evaluate the institutions by ascertaining their students’ satisfaction, Staff-student ratios, and graduate prospects. Here are the top universities of the UK that have pushed their students to land onto the most high-profile jobs.

University of Cambridge

The institution has been constant on the row at the top of the table and recently introduced 41 fresh subjects for its potential students. The Complete University Guide League Tables have been ruled by Cambridge for the past 9 out of 12 years and still not intending to back out. Naturally, its Entry Standards have always been set higher than the other universities and the faculty members actively nurture the students’ expertise to enhance their research intensity and great essay writing skills.

University of Oxford

In the entire League Table, Oxford has been nominated as the second preferable university but mostly dominated the top position by providing excellent honors qualifying degrees to the students. Last year, Oxford has broken all its records by achieving its highest score with around 94% of students getting upper second or first class honors degree. Around 37 subjects receive the first score from Oxford and people genuinely recognize this organization for its high reputation.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Since the year 2008, LSE has uninterruptedly remained in the top five list. This university holds the best-ever social science specialists and grabbed the third position in the League Table for its Social Policy education. Additionally, the university achieved its highest recognition as a global center of expertise in April 2018 and tagged itself under one of the only two ESRC institutes in the UK. The organizational status continually identifies its excellence of research training and long-term impact on policy.

Imperial College London

In business, medicine, engineering, and science, Imperial College London has always successfully left its commendable footprint in the world of education. Similar to the University of Cambridge, there are high entry standards in this institution and it remains under the top League Tables for its high quality research. Apart from that, it carries its highest prospects with students getting involved in further studies or professional jobs within a few months of graduation completion.

University of St. Andrews

St. Andrews of Scotland has been pulled back to the fifth position in 2019 due to the slights dip on its records because of a few aspects. It holds the second position in terms of students’ satisfaction, and beyond 91% of students pass out with a good honors degree for which students still seek their term papers online by visiting their site. The undergraduate red-gown has set a separate landmark for the university since 1672 and definitely parted its students from the locals. Supposedly, it was initiating to daunt publicans for serving alcohol to the teenage students.

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