Top 8K downloaders for Mac to consider

8K is the latest option for crystal clear picture of HD videos. 8K supports resolution of 7680×4320 pixels which is four times greater than 4K. You all know that the more the resolution, the clearer will be the image. Therefore, 8K is gaining its popularity for the clearest picture in movies till now.

If you want to enjoy 8K video on your Mac, you should download 8K videos with such 8K video downloaders for Mac which don’t lose the quality of the video while downloading.  

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  • Elmedia Player PRO: This is the best in the list of 8K video downloaders for Mac, and you can download unlimited videos just at an exchange of a small amount of $19.95 approx. The Elmedia player, which is free, you can play your 8K videos with it to get the best effects of its resolutions.

Elmedia Player offers an intuitive interface with such extended features as a built-in web browser for the more accessible location of new videos, saving of videos in various formats (3GP, MP4, FLV, etc.) and resolutions. Elmedia has high speed and a high-reliability rate. It supports an overwhelming list of websites, including such famous destinations as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

  • Airy: Airy is also another downloader which can download 8K files and not lose the quality of the video. One thing is that it can only download from YouTube, but it has the capability of downloading the best 8K videos from YouTube into your Mac. It can save MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats. This neat little software has a great set of essential downloading features and can download multiple 8K videos at a time. Airy also supports downloading of the complete YouTube playlists or channels at once. If you are using the Airy free version, you can download only two videos, but if you buy a license of Airy, you will be able to download unlimited videos.
  • 5K Video Player: Though 5K video Player is just a video player, it can also download 8K files for your Mac. It can download YouTube files as well as files from many other sources.

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