Valentines Ideas for 2018

Whether it’s through expensive gifts or small gestures, Valentine’s Day is the time of year when you really get to show your other half how much they mean to you. Sure – it might be just another day to some people – but it can be romantic and even a little fun to celebrate the gift of love just this once! Surprise your favourite person with some of these quirky Valentine’s ideas this year.

Romantic picnic

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If the sun is shining this Valentine’s Day, why not take nature’s hint at romance and pick a secluded spot in your favourite park or lake? This is a laidback yet intimate way to spend Valentine’s Day, and you can tailor it to suit your partner. Grab a bottle of their favourite wine (or whatever their drink of choice is), select a few gourmet cheeses and crackers, and accompany with some fresh fruit. Next step – watch your partner swoon!

Camping under the stars

If you’ve got the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day away from home this year, a camping trip could be a unique way to celebrate! Whether you and your partner consider yourselves to be a couple of bush lovers or complete city dwellers who have never put a tent up in their life, there are so many romantic spots to choose from and lots of different ways to camp! For the seasoned pros, just grab your swag and hit the road – who knows where you’ll end up? For the more hesitant, why not check out some ‘glamping’ accommodation or hire a campervan with a bed and kitchenette? That way, you’ll get to tick the ‘camping’ box without having to even pitch a tent!

Their favourite things

Here’s the kind of Valentine’s Day gift you can get creative with! It could be as simple as a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, or you could get really into things by making a food hamper full of all their favourite treats, or a music box full of their favourite records and tickets to a concert. This is a really thoughtful way to show your other half just how well you know them and how much you care!

All You Need Is Love Gift Hamper

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All You Need Is Love – and this gift basket! This adorable pamper pack has everything your sweetheart needs to unwind and relax. Featuring a divine scented candle, luxurious bath milk, a mini bottle of champagne, indulgent chocolates and an extra soft bath robe – your lady will be feeling so very loved this Valentine’s Day!

Dinner for two

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It’s a classic and timeless option – if you do it right. Start researching a romantic recipe so you can surprise your loved one with an extravagant dinner for two. Who could refuse to be swept off their feet when they smell great things in the kitchen? On the other hand, maybe you know for a fact that you aren’t the world’s greatest chef, or maybe you get stressed out when cooking, or maybe you just don’t have the time to cook an impressive meal! If that sounds like you, better make your reservation soon, because all of the best restaurants get booked out early on this special day!

Private outdoor (or indoor) cinema

Escape from the rest of the world (and the Valentine’s Day hype!) by building your own private cinema and outdoor fort! Grab the beanbags, fairy-lights and a projector to turn your garden into a first-class private cinema experience. If you can’t get your hands on a projector, then Netflix and a duvet is the next best thing for couples seeking a quiet night in with each other! Although the projector might not be mandatory, your favourite drinks and snacks certainly are. If you have the time (and the desire) you could turn your evening into a movie marathon! Pick your favourite sequels or favourite actor, before settling in for a night of back-to-back movies and snuggles!

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