Top Private Schools in Atlanta

Public schools in Atlanta, Georgia are busy and overcrowded. The classrooms are full and the teachers struggle to maintain discipline. Here’s another option: There are great private schools in the Atlanta area. Private schools offer quality education, much smaller class sizes, and help set students on a career path. Here are some of the best private schools near Atlanta, Georgia:

Atlanta International School

This school has students from the United States and around the world. It has top-quality academic studies and there are world-class language programs. A student can begin in preschool and study Chinese, French, German, or Spanish to become fluent in these languages.

Atlanta Montessori International School

Atlanta Montessori International School is AMI accredited. The school provides an education that aims to make students independent and to think for themselves. They are taught to be aware of people from different places. It allows students to develop their creativity and explore their interests. The goal of this school is to get students interested in learning and wanting to continue their education.

Endeavor Montessori

This school uses a modern approach to the Montessori curriculum and learning. The young scholar learns critical thinking skills and cultural awareness. And, how to succeed on their own. STEM and technology subjects are part of the curriculum.

Galloway School

Galloway school inspires students to develop a love of learning. They are prepared to live independently and think critically about their choices. This school teaches students to embrace those that are different from them and promotes human dignity.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

This is an independent Catholic school. The school accepts children as young as six months right up until the 12th grade. Many of our graduates go on to Ivy League universities and other world-class institutions. Some end up in the military academies.

Mount Paran Christian School

This school has a preschool program and students can stay at this school until they graduate from high school. This school is Christian, however, it is non-denominational. There are some top college prep programs and award-winning art schools. We also have a strong athletic program. The students are taught to follow God, be kind to others, and learn the value of telling the truth.

Pace Academy

This school has nine students for every teacher, giving the students the attention they need to develop their full potential. The school helps the child develop their interests and passions. In addition to academic programs, there are plenty of arts and athletic endeavors.

The Walker School

The Walker School school is located in a historic section of Atlanta. There is another pre-k to 12th-grade school. This is the only school located in North America that allows students to develop their own educational experience. Their education is focused on their goals, talents, and skills. Each student gets an individualized learning plan.

These are some of the best private schools near Atlanta, Georgia. Together they give students a quality education and get them interested in learning. These private schools give students the skills they need to get a headstart in life and then stimulate a desire to further their education and knowledge.

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