Understanding the Factors that Affect the Value of a Painting

One of the processes you must go through before you auction your paintings is art valuation. This is done by an expert or a team of painting specialists to determine the value of your work. This is why you find that some pieces of art are more valuable than others, based on several factors.

Below, we look at the factors that affect the value of a painting. By reading this article, you can understand why you must spend a certain amount of money to get a painting or how much you can sell the piece of art.

1. The name of the artist

Several artists have tried to redraw Mona Lisa. If you were to put their paintings next to Leonardo da Vinci’s, the latter artist’s piece will go first. This is because Leonardo is a famous artist and the original painter of the Mona Lisa.

His piece is incredible. But, it still goes for millions of dollars during auctions several centuries since the 1500s.

So, the first valuation factor is the name of the artist. A painting specialist first looks at the signed name at the bottom of the art piece before considering other valuation factors.

2. The quality and availability of the painting

What skills were applied to complete a piece of painting? What materials did the artist use? These are some of the questions a painting specialist uses to consider the quality of the art.

For example, an original piece of the art enclosed in a unique, rare frame is likely to sell more than a piece enclosed in a common frame. The subject of the art also plays a huge role in determining the painting`s quality.

Quality is often coupled with rarity. For instance, finding the original Mona Lisa painting can be hard.

It makes the painting rare because not many artists can capture the same subjects covered in the original piece. Ideally, demand and supply play a part in determining the value of a painting.

3. Original owner and ownership history

A painting can be highly valued if it came from the original private owner. You can also add value to a piece of art if a reputable person once owned it in the community or an art collector.

For instance, the founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, was a famous art collector, among other things. Pieces that were once in her possession sell for millions of dollars today.

Determining the ownership history can be a long, tedious task. It requires a lot of time to research to find the exact things that could add value to a painting.

Auction Your Paintings Today

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