What to Consider Before Booking Your First Yoga Retreat

When you are booking your first yoga retreat, you will likely to have many questions. What should I expect? Where should I go? How much do I want to spend? Knowing what to consider beforehand helps you set all this mental chatter aside so you can fully immerse yourself in the yoga retreat experience itself. If that experience happens to be in a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica, all the better!

What if I am new to yoga?

Generally, retreats that focus on experienced yogis make this clear upfront. However, if not, then anything goes. To get the most from a yoga retreat experience, there is no need to be a yoga superstar. Be sure to tell your yoga teachers that you are a beginner and keep in mind that at any time you can sit out of poses. There are students of various levels at many retreats.

When would you like to go on your yoga retreat?

Many people book yoga retreats at the last minute. These people can be employed, self-employed, contractors, moms, or people who do not realize how stressed they are until they feel they need an immediate break. For a yoga trip abroad, a little bit of planning must happen, of course, which is why it’s good to start planning your retreat as soon as possible. Additionally, one good thing to keep in mind is that there are usually early bird specials that may be too good to pass up – booking in advance can have its benefits.

Where would you like to go on a yoga retreat?

There are countless options out there for retreats. Determine how much time you can take and then decide. There are many retreats throughout the world, including those located in the U.S., UK, and many beautiful options in Costa Rica. One of the top choices for a luxury yoga retreat center in Costa Rica is the popular and well-known Vista Hermosa Estate located in Manual Antonio. If your perfect yoga getaway is one surrounded by the ocean and soothing massages, then Vista Hermosa is right for you.

How long would you like to go for your yoga retreat?

Weekend retreats are normally two to three nights. While this may not be very long, it is simple to commit to if you are unable to take much time away from work or the kids. These shorter options are also good to try before committing to a weeklong yoga retreat. Come for a weekend to see if you like it. Many retreat guests who do this. They come for a little taste over a weekend and, once they feel safe and know what is expected and have enjoyed their time, they go further now that they know what to expect.

Are you ready to visit a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica? Contact Vista Hermosa Estate today for more information about our property and why we think it’s the perfect spot for your weekend yoga getaway.

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