Which Type of Breast Augmention is Right for You?  

The first method of breast augmentation Houston is to have an implant inserted under the tissues of each breast, and the second is for your doctor to transfer fat from another area of your body to your breasts. The buttocks, thighs, and waist are the most common donor areas for this type of breast augmentation surgery.

A breast augmentation mammoplasty is not appropriate for women whose breasts droop severely. If you have this issue rather than lack of fullness or unevenness between the two breasts, speak to a plastic surgeon about undergoing a breast lift alone or combining the breast lift and augmentation procedures for the most attractive results. You should feel certain that you don’t plan to become pregnant in the future since it could undo the results of either procedure.

Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Before your doctor inserts implants or completes a fat transfer, you receive anesthesia to remain comfortable throughout the procedure. If you’re having the implant, the plastic surgeon makes a cut under your armpit, around the areola of your nipple, or in your breast’s mammary tissue.

After making the incision, your doctor inserts the implant behind your breast tissue. It will go over or under your pectoral muscle. The three types of implant material include those made of gummy bear material, saline, or silicone. You can see and feel the different types of implants at your plastic surgery consultation. In addition to the range of materials, your implant may appear smooth, round, or textured. When your doctor is certain the implant lies in the correct place, the final step is to suture layers to close incisions that lie inside of your breast tissue.

If you have ever had a liposuction, a breast augmentation using fat transfer is similar. Your doctor uses a syringe to extract fat from the area of your body that the two of you identified as the donor area before the procedure. He or she then purifies the liquid fat and extracted blood cells by placing them into a centrifuge. After removing the materials from the centrifuge, your plastic surgeon completes the fat transfer procedure by making several quick injections into your breasts.

What to Expect During Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you opted for the implant procedure, you should anticipate your breasts feeling stretched out and sore for a while afterwards. Your skin will eventually stretch and grow to match the new size and volume of your breasts. Other things you might experience include bruising, swelling, and just an overall feeling of discomfort after your breast augmentation Houston.

Your doctor may recommend that you wear a post-surgical support bra after surgery and/or place a cold pack on each of your breasts for the first few days. You should not experience pain longer than a week, and you should be able to control any pain you do have with a prescription that your doctor writes for you.

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