Hiring a developer or engineer, your candidate should have both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the language that your company requires him/her for. You should have a written assignment test to know about your candidate’s coding skills.

There are a few questions that will determine if your candidate is a good and knowledgeable team player. Being a good team player and meeting with the deadline are the two major qualities a candidate should possess. Therefore, your selection should be a candidate who enjoys team projects as well as he or she must be a problem solver.

It is essential for a programmer to keep them updated with new technologies. But in an interview, you should make your different set of questions when you are selecting candidates for different roles:

Junior Programmers:

  • What programs languages are you most accustomed to?
  • What JavaScript engines do you know of?
  • What is the distinction between an abstract course as well as an interface and also when would you use one over the other?
  • Describe the troubleshooting procedure you would follow for a collapsing program.
  • How to debug a program when it’s still used?
  • Define the shows processes at work from the moment you key in a website’s link when it completes loading on your screen.
  • Can you call some restrictions of a web setting vs. a Windows environment?
  • Are you acquainted with cloud systems? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What is the field of your competence and what would you like to learn about more?

Senior Programmers

  • Have you ever made significant improvements to an IT infrastructure? What were they?
  • Someone wants to install a new software system in their solution. What would be your research approach and what actions would you follow before release?
  • What’s one of the most efficient way to gather customer and system needs?
  • Describe a circumstance where you had to discuss technical details to a non-technical audience. Exactly how will you modify the presentation?
  • What advice would you provide a new staff member?
  • What’s the most tough job you’ve taken care of thus far? What was your function and exactly how did you manage your job to supply on due dates?

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