Why is Shillong known as the Scotland of the East?

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and it has been rightly described as the Scotland of the East because of the similarities between Scotland and Shillong. It is important to know certain important facts about this place to justify the name that has been given to it. 

  • Similarity with the landscapes between the two places– The name ‘Scotland of the East’ has been given because there is a similarity between the landscapes of Shillong and Scotland. The landscape of Scotland has beautiful sky, mountains and blossoming greeneries. You can check some of the best photographs on the internet and you will be mesmerized to know that it is difficult to differentiate between the two.
  • Cultural extravagance– Do you know what makes Shillong such a unique destination? There is a huge similarity between the two as far as culture and tradition are concerned. The tribal population of Scotland takes immense pride in their culture i.e. they take pride in showing off their tribal dance and it is one of the beautiful things to watch. The audiences can also join them for an exciting experience. Similarly, the cultural beauty of Shillong is something to sit and witness. There are various other tourist places in Meghalaya that you can enjoy. 
  • Waterfalls– One of the most common sights that you get to enjoy is the glistering waterfalls that you can witness through the valleys of Scotland and Shillong. You can witness this beauty during the monsoons. Elephant falls is one of the famous waterfalls in Shillong. 
  • Stunning resemblance of the lakes– Another common thing to enjoy is the resemblance of the lakes between these two destinations. Boating is one of the best experiences that you can enjoy in both of these destinations. Besides the roaring waterfalls, lakes are the next best attractions. 
  • Music festivals– The nightlife of Scotland is amazing and music festivals are a peculiar feature of this hypnotic destination. However, you will be missing out something amazing if you do not enjoy the music festival of Shillong. One of the famous music events that take place in Shillong is NH7 Weekender where you get to enjoy the glimpses of Farhan Akhtar, A.R. Rahman and many more artists! 

There are various other similarities between the two, but it is an undeniable fact that Shillong is one of the best hill stations in India and it is difficult to compare it with any other hill stations. 

Meghalaya- One of the rare locations 

On the north-eastern side of the country is the magnificent destination, Meghalaya, known for its unparalleled beauty. It is one of the rarest locations and is a perfect destination to enjoy the harmonious relationship between nature and human life. Some of the surprising destinations of Meghalaya include:

  • Mawlynnong Village
  • Laitlum Canyon
  • Nongriat village
  • Lalong park in Jowai
  • Balpakram National park
  • Don Bosco Centre For Indigenous Culture
  • Umiam LAKE
  • All Saints Church
  • Mawsmai cave

To witness the exotic destinations and wildlife, it is important to choose the best Shillong tour package so that you do not miss out on any of the destinations. 

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