Having Trouble Getting Through the Week? 5 Tips to Fall in Love with a Job You Hate


Most of us have jobs that aren’t exactly ideal. Maybe you don’t like the work you’re doing because it doesn’t add value to your life, or maybe you’re just sticking around for your monthly paycheck. This is the case for around 53 percent of Americans, who are currently unhappy at work.

The reason most of us stick with bad jobsis that being unemployed is even more daunting than quitting something that makes us miserable.

But this impacts your work productivity and state of mind. If you think you’ve got no other choice, take a look at these tips.

Organize your work station

Studies show that unorganized work spaces have a negative effect on work productivity. Whether you’re behind a cash register or a desktop computer, make cleanliness and organization a priority because this is where you spend most of your time. By putting in effort in the space around you, you’ll feel more comfortable in a space that’s an extension of your personality.

Communicate with your boss

You may think that your boss isn’t a great person, but many bosses have a certain level of passion when it comes to the workplace. If they know that the work is draining you and your productivity is suffering, they’ll often try to take steps to make it better. Have a sit-down with your boss to communicate your frustrations; who knows, maybe their refreshing perspective might even inspire you to see things differently.

Set goals that are within your control

Being realistic about your personal situation can help you set goals that will enable you to get to the place you want to be in life. The job might not be what you love, but it can be a stepping stone for what lies ahead. Instead of trying to impress your boss and then getting upset over their unoptimistic feedback, focus on accomplishing what you came here to do; because

when SHIFT happens, your life changes.

Dress up for work

The clothes you wear have the power tomake you feel good about yourself. Looking good helps you feel good, which, in turn, can help you develop a positive outlook. If you show up to work looking disheveled or tired, your feelings will spill over to your work before cementing themselves as an everyday work mood. Power through it by dressing up for work and giving your confidence an instant boost.

Learn as much as you can

You might think your current job isn’t teaching you anything that’s worth adding to your knowledge bank, but that’s just something you’ve led yourself to believe. Break the monotony of the job by focusing on things its teaching you. It might not be the work itself, but the office environment that can teach you a few worthwhile lessons.

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Steve Rizzo is one of the top motivational speakers in America. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his powerful messages and exceptional ability to connect with the crowd as a former headline comedian. You can contact him here.

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