Different Photography Styles to Include In Your Pre-Wedding

Getting a pre-wedding shoot is one of the most important things to do before the actual wedding. With many couples now opting to getting clicked together before the wedding, it is becoming very famous and is a great way to test out the photographer.

Ever wondered what makes a photograph that you come across actually great? It is actually the style that makes an image aesthetically pleasing. So, if you need a wedding photographers in Mumbai it becomes really important that you must know about the style in which your photographer is proficient in.

The various different styles of Photography can be categorized as mentioned below:

Traditional/Classic Photography Style


The traditional photography style is the old-school shooting style which involves shooting with the help of a film camera. You’ll rarely find any couple going for it now as there is very less scope of flexibility when it comes to poses. However, some couples who want to add that classic look to the photographs can opt it. The photographer first guides the couple with a pose and then click the image for a perfect click.

Portrait Photography Style

Portrait photography involves the close-up of the subject looking directly at the camera. This style is all about posing. This doesn’t mean that the final images don’t look good but actually makes some great images as the poses can be curated to look natural. The photographer properly arranges the couple and the family members to take a perfect portrait click.

Aerial Photography Style

Aerial photography is in the highest demand these days as compared to the other styles. It involves using a drone for photography and gives a bird’s eye view along with beautiful scenery in the background. It is a bit expensive than the more traditional options but will be great for a pre-wedding shoot. For some picture-perfect shots all you’ll ever need is a beautiful landscape.

Photojournalistic Photography Style

The photojournalistic style involves taking some great candid images of the couple along with all the things that happen in the background. Everything is captured like a story and the photographer has to be creative in capturing the images of not only the guests and the couple but their feelings as well. Also, this style requires the photographer to blend in the background and become ’invisible’ to the crowd to take some authentic candid images.

B/W Photography Style

Some great Black and Whites will make your pre-wedding album much classier. You might think that how a lack of colors can give your image that awesome look. But, actually black and whites are a way to capture real you and all the emotions as it takes away everything that might distract anyone seeing the image and the main focus is on beautiful you.

Lifestyle Photography Style

Natural lighting and magnificent nature are perfect for the compositions and forms the backbone of lifestyle photography. It is very much like photojournalism and involves clicking candid images. However, lifestyle photography is different on some grounds like the direction and styling as the photographer will look for some great moments of you with your partner and will also set the scene.

You’ll need to research out the various pre-wedding shoot ideas that’ll make up for some of the best clicks. However, there is one more thing that needs your immediate attention, is the styles of photography that you can include in your wedding.

Reading about all these styles will help you understand what style your photographer is proficient in, and you can then decide on one who matches the style for which you’re going for. Whatever may be the case, just remember that candid images look really great if clicked at the perfect moment and the posy images are the safest bet. You can ask the photographer if he can provide a mix of both. Adding some black and white portraits along with them will be the cherry on top.

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