Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal in Sydney

Every household in Sydney, Australia deals with a significant amount of garbage every day. Ordinarily, families use bins, local recycling centers as well as professional waste removal services to dispose of their wastes. Proper rubbish removal in Sydney is important in both household as well as commercial areas. The problem arises when some people decide to dispose of their wastes especially if they are not aware of how to eliminate toxic wastes and rubbish that may require recycling instead of filling up the limited landfills. It is unfortunate that some people underestimate the effects of poor junk removal within Sydney; they are more afraid of the laws than the overall environmental effects. Most countries have decided to sensitize their populace on the need to practice proper waste disposal practices. One of the ways of ensuring the rubbish removal in Sydney is appropriate is enlisting the services of professional junk removal companies; they understand the best ways of disposing wastes and the safest ways of handling each type of waste. Failure to dispose wastes as expected results to the following:

  • Contamination of soil: This is the number one problem that emanates from improper garbage dumping around Sydney. Ordinarily, wastes that get dumped in the landfills produce toxic chemicals that contaminate the soil. For instance, when plastic bottles start breaking down, they release a carcinogen that negatively impacts the reproductive systems, causes dysfunction of the liver and even weight loss. Additionally, soil contamination affects the growth of plants and further becomes unhealthy to the animals and people feeding on those plants. Therefore, it is necessary for household to take the issue of recycling seriously because common wastes such as plastics, metals and electronic wastes are recyclable. When more wastes are recycled, less waste will end up in the landfills.
  • Contamination of the air is another consequence of improper trash removal in Sydney: There is a need to dispose of toxic chemicals such as acids and bleaches properly. Such compounds should have correct labels and appropriate containers to ensure that even the employees of the removal companies handle them appropriately. Unfortunately, there is usually the burning of papers and plastics in the landfills which emit gases and chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Some wastes produce dioxins which pose a severe health risk to humans’ whey then inhale the air contaminated by these toxins. Additionally, some wastes produce methane gas which is equally harmful. Most importantly, landfill gases can be explosive and may harm the nearby communities.
  • Contamination of the water: Toxic wastes often leak into the ground and ends up in the groundwater. This water is commonly used for watering the fields and other vital uses such as drinking and cooking. Additionally, hazardous liquid chemicals can seep into the water streams and water bodies and affect the marine life. Marine life is also under threat from untreated sewage which contaminates the water bodies. Contaminated water is not only harmful to human beings and the marine life but also to the people who consume and come into contact with the water.


It is essential for every household and business premise to take the issue of proper waste removal in Sydney to ensure that there is no contamination of the soil and water sources.


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