Looking for Places to Stay in Springdale, UT?


There’s certainly a massive appeal in visiting Springdale, UT. So massive in fact that those who visit would probably prefer to stay, believe it or not. Right off the bat, the weather is much nicer than you’d expect. Because it hovers around the Arizona border, the weather is consistently nice all year round. That sounds ridiculous because UT is a mountainous region with plenty of snowy terrains, but any area down south neighbors Arizona, which makes areas like Springdale consistently warmer and more enticing to stay.

Even better, if you are the outdoorsy type, there are plenty of activities for your enjoyment. For starters, Zion’s National Park is its biggest attraction because there are plenty of activities there. Activities like hiking the Subway Canyon and Angels Landing. These hikes provide views, waterfalls, cascades, emerald pools, and of course, canyons. So, passing something like that up would be a mistake!

Hiking isn’t the only activity in the area. You can also go rock climbing, biking, and even stargazing in places like these. Everything you need for an amazing vacation, especially if you come from a desperate need for adventure. These sorts of activities would make anyone want to stay in a place like this and enjoy everything it offers.

So, if you plan on visiting Springdale or anywhere around the UT area, the next step is figuring out which place to stay in. There are plenty of places to stay. You can go for the big chains like Hampton Inn & Suites or Springhill Suites by Marriott. There’s nothing wrong with places like those because their lodging is perfectly adequate. However, it would be best to stay at a local lodge because it gives you a very specific lodging experience that you can’t get with your usual suspects.

That is the Driftwood Lodge. Like any other place to stay, they provide top-rated restaurants, private balconies, and majestic views like any hotel in that area. However, the Driftwood Lodge stands out because it continues the outdoorsy feel that the chains simply do not. If you enjoy exploring, they provide seventeen acres of property, and you can even see some of the wildlife that occupies the area.

There are plenty of places that provide lodging in Springdale, UT, but if you want your stay to have a Zion experience that you will never forget, Driftwood Lodge is the place that provides just that for its residents.

The Driftwood Lodge is the top place for accommodations in Springdale. They are the premiere lodge near Zion Utah.

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