The daily grind: how to get the most out of your vaporiser


Buying a new herb vaporiser is an exciting time for any enthusiast. It’s a truly invigorating feeling to know you have a brand new piece of technology that has the capability to give you an awesome hit.

But, like all mechanical apparatuses, vaporisers can be used in a way that really gets the most out of what they have to offer.

So, if you’ve just picked up a new herb vaporiser in Australia, here are some tips for ensuring that it works like an absolute treat every time.

  • Make sure your herb is fresh

Fresh is best: it’s best when it comes to fruit and vegetables, it’s best when it comes to new paint coating and it’s best when it comes to your herb. We don’t necessarily mean it’s just been harvested and brought straight to your vaporiser, but we mean that it is of a good quality and has been well cured.

Remember: your herb vaporiser can only work as well as the herb that’s packed in it – make sure it’s fresh! Finally, your herb can’t be too wet or too dry, as either way can impede on your smoking experience.

  • Make sure the grind is right

Now that you know that your herb is good for the grinding, it’s time to make sure you grind it really well to ensure it’s good for vaping. Grinding a mix increases its surface area and, consequently, allows more vape heat to penetrate the herb to produce a thick, yummy vapor.

When you are vaping dry herbs, it’s important to ensure you get a medium, smooth and even grind. The best way to achieve this is through the use of an electrical grinder (but a manual grinder will suffice!).

Finally, be sure to grind one vape’s worth at a time, otherwise the freshly ground herb that you don’t pack your chamber with and quickly dry out. Sure, this might work for convenience, but it makes the rest of your vapes of a subpar quality!

  • Don’t overpack the vape!

Smoking from a vape is similar to smoking from a pipe or bong in that the way you pack the chamber has a huge impact on its ability to produce an awesome smoke. You want to pack the vape chamber with enough herb to produce a good, thick smoke, but you also don’t want to go overboard.

You want to avoid overpacking the vape as this might affect the vapor’s flow from the chamber through to the mouthpiece. On rare occasions, people have been known to damage their vaporiser’s chamber through overpacking the chamber, so tread lightly, but not too lightly.

  • Preheat your vape

Vaporisers are just like overs: they require time to heat up to the temp that’s going to produce the best cooking results. You wouldn’t pop a Sunday roast in a cold oven, so why would you put herb in a cold vape? The thing relies on heat to produce the best results!

Most modern vaporisers preheat in a matter of seconds, but older models and desktop models may take longer depending on their quality and make.

It’s all about enjoying the experience

You can actually kind of look at vaping as if you were cooking a meal: you want the best utensils and you have to take your time to ensure the quality is right. By following the above tips, you will generally get the very best out of your vape and produce a fine smoke.

At the end of the day, it’s as much about enjoying the process as it is the delicious results!

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