Understanding The Fabric of the Best Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Affiliate marketing, a performance form of online advertising based on commission payments, grew four times faster in USA last year than the e-commerce sector. The year-on-year increase in affiliate advertising turnover in both countries exceeded 68%. Trends show that interest in him is not slowing down this year either. What is it that is gaining momentum, and how to get the most out of it?

Fourfold growth compared to e-commerce

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising in which merchants offer webmasters (affiliate partners) a financial reward for bringing a visitor. He will perform a predetermined activity on the seller’s website, such as purchasing a product or service, registering a newsletter). Therefore, the advertiser does not pay for the display of banners or text advertising, or for clicks, but exclusively for completed and paid orders.

  • According to a survey, which operates the largest affiliate network, according to director, there are roughly three basic reasons for last year’s high growth in affiliate marketing. “The first and probably the strongest is the interest of a larger number of eCommerce companies. I have the impression that mainly well-known brands have discovered the power of affiliate marketing. The second reason is the increase in the price of other paid online channels.

”Last year, the price comparators Heureka and Tovar increased the price of a click by 40%. Google is becoming more and more expensive, as is Facebook. “In fact, the affiliate is under your control and not your traffic provider. The third reason is greater involvement of partners in affiliate marketing. There are many web development companies that have limited capacity and work for a share of the profit rather than an hourly rate. And that’s what affiliate is about,”.

Facts and figures from the survey

The largest and most successful e-shop affiliate advertising generates about 15% of turnover. You should read this review if you really want to have the best options for earning a great deal with the affiliate program. The training is available through the Evergreen Wealth Formula process.

The growing importance of affiliates is evidenced by the growth of all important indicators, the number of partners, advertisers and the volume of funds they invest in promotion through affiliates.

  • Internet department stores have the largest share in the total turnover of the affiliate marketing market by 50%) segments.
  • The highest year-on-year increase was recorded last year in the Household and Garden category (227%) and Health and Wellness (133%).
  • The lowest average orders were recorded last year between February and May, the highest from September to December.
  • In December (16% of full-year turnover), November (14.6%), October (8.4%) and January (8.2%), the highest sales on the Internet via affiliate advertising were sold in 2017, the least in February (5, 9%).

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