Top Directors of Telugu Cinema: Srinu Vaitla

Known for his unique comedic flair and commercial entertainment for the Telugu movies online watch, Srinu Vaitla is a treasured director within the industry. Making his directing debut in 1999, the film  Nee Kosam was an average flick at best for the box office at that time but was critically acclaimed by critics and reviewers alike. However, what truly pushed him to fame was his subsequent movie Anandam, which was released 2 years after in 2001,

Over the years, Srinu Vaitla has had many different box office hits, including Baashah (2013), Venky (2004) and Mister (2017). These movies have had tremendous supports and remain loved even until now.

Baashah (2013)

This action comedy film follows the story of Baadshah in his tumultuous fight against Sadhu Bhai, a powerful mafia leader that his father was associated with. Throughout the movie, we follow his journey from India to the heart of Macau, where Sadhu Bhai’s Chinese associates Baadshah’s and his father’s life complicated. Afterward, Baadshah finds himself disguised as a wedding planner for the daughter of Dr. Jaya Krishna Simha, a strict commissioner of the Indian police service in Andhra Pradesh, who expects all the men in the family to be disciplined police officers. Baadshah subsequently applied to be a police officer himself, without any success. To gain the favor of the officers, Baadshah decided to embark on Operation Baadshah, where he infiltrated the mafia circle run by Sadhu Bhai and provide vital intel for the Indian police force. By the end, we find out whether Baadshah could truly get away from the clutches of the underworld and whether he could keep his love alive as well.

Venky (2004)

Tackling the comedy thriller genre, this masterpiece by Srinu Vaitla tells the story of Venkateswarlu a.k.a. Venky, a wayward youth who was accidentally selected to be part of police training while on his way to Hyderabad with his friends. While on the train, he met Sravani to whom he confessed his love to but was rejected. After getting inebriated and threatening her father while drunk, the train occupants find both Sravani’s parents dead. Suspicions fall onto Venky and his friends to they escaped to the police training grounds that they were supposed to go to, subsequently finding out the truths behind all the murders.

Mister (2017)

This Telegu-language action romance movie highlights the story of Chey, a normal youth who was suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of romance, politics and thrilling escapes after mistakenly taking in Meera, a stranger whom he thought was his cousin. Even though he fell for her, Chey learned that Meera was in love with Siddharth, an acquaintance of her. Though heartbroken, Chey continues to help both Meera and Siddharth to reach their happy ending. Through all the trials of their relationships, Chey finds a second love in Chandramukhi, the daughter of Sri Veera Narasimha Rayalu, a member of King Sri Krishna Devaraya’s dynasty as well as the private government. Together, these four youths fight their way through traditions, politics, and life-threatening situations all for the sake of love.

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