Types of Ride-On Toys and Their Benefits

Once your baby starts to crawl, it won’t take long until they start walking, and then running comes right after. However, children need a boost of confidence and energy to keep their growth and development at a steady pace through their development stage.

Development toys, like ride-on toys, are vital during this very young age. Parents are recommended to provide these toys to their toddlers to encourage physical activity and boost their imagination.

What is a ride-on toy?

From the name itself, these are toys like skateboards, bicycles, and scooters that kids can ride on. Although those mentioned are not the only types available, they offer the standard idea of a ride-on toy.

More popular today are car toy replicas, which look like miniature versions of real cars. Some popular brands that manufacture these toys are Batman, Barbie, and Lightning Mcqueen.

Types of Ride On Toys

An important thing to remember is that certain types of toy rides are not for all ages. That is because they are designed to be age-appropriate. Here are the types of ride on and the age they are suited for.


These are the toys that rock back and forth but only stay in one spot. These often come in the form of a toy pony or vehicles with rocking bases. Rocking toys are appropriate for younger children ages one to two since they are safer and are stationary.


The tiny tots who do not know how to pedal can play with toys that can be moved using their feet. These ride-on toys often come in open bottoms, where your child can get inside, and their feet come out from the bottom of the toy. Since it doesn’t require optimal balancing, toddlers aged two to three can enjoy playing with them.

      Pedal Toys

Pedal toys are the classic bicycles and tricycles, although more and more options are available today, such as pedal-powered cars, carts, and even quad bikes. With the need for motor and muscle coordination, pedal toy rides are more appropriate for three years old and up.


With the advent of technology, baby toys have become even more exciting. Nowadays, you can easily find a stunning selection of electric-powered toys for kids. These are motorised miniature vehicles that children can steer using the steering wheel. These toy rides have gained popularity over the recent years and are the perfect choice for ages four and up seeking the thrill of driving.

Benefits of Ride On Toys

We know that toys keep kids entertained, but that is not the only thing parents should be looking for. When picking a toy for your kid, always be on the lookout for its benefits to your little munchkin’s growth. To help you out, here are the benefits of toy rides for children.

      Boosts Motor Skills – These toys provide an opportunity for little muscles to be exercised, thus strengthening the lower body, primarily the legs and the core.

      Promotes Independence and Confidence – Once your kid learns to propel these toys, they will forget you, even for just a little while. They learn to be independent and build the confidence to manage themselves.

      Encourages Imagination – These toys encourage your kid’s creativity and imagination. When your little one stumbles on discovery while playing with their toy rides with friends, wait for a moment before you pull them away from whatever is keeping them busy.

Ride-on toys are like intellectual machines. By getting one for your toddler, you allow them to explore this fun phase of their childhood.

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