Eye-Catchy Fancy Dress Ideas That Are Super Trending This Season

Costume play or cosplay, as it has been nicknamed, deals with fun makeovers you get while sporting looks that you generally don’t. It is about dressing up as somebody or something else apart from whom you are. It is usually a fun event where prizes are even assigned to the best-dressed male and female. If you are planning to hit one such party, here is a complete guide of the super affordable looks, and you can choose from. Also, you can apply Costume Box promo codes to avail discounts on their website.

  •    The Hippie Vibe:  

Creating a hippie vibe for the cosplay always works. If you are confused as to what kinds of look to pull off, this should be your number one on the list. Sporting a dress with a boho flower crown, with cool Lennon shades and some gladiator heels will just look super trendy and fun. The best part about it is that comfort. You can be yourself as well apart from looking like a perfect bohemian chick.

  •    Mime:

A mime costume works for you if you are a shy kind of a person who has been invited to the party. This costume will protect you like a shield if you are not too very fluent at exchanging words. Sporting the mime costume, you do not have to speak to people and can stay mum to be in your character. It just works for introverts like you to stay true to your character at this party. And, it is a boon for you at the same time.

  •    The Grim Reaper:

The perfect costume for people who like dark endings and tragedy. This costume simply transforms you into a person who is dark and evil. It again works wonders for the introverts. Not only will people be terrified of your appearance, but they will also refrain from even approaching you. So, roam around like you own the party.

  •    CAVE(WO)MAN:

Dressing up in a primitive form of your own selves is a must. We, of course, were not there when these people lived (or maybe did, who knows?). So, getting the chance to be like them even for once sounds thrilling. This look is super inexpensive and comfortable at the same time.

  •    Wonder Woman:

Ah! Who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? Remember when you watched the movies glued to the screen and wondering if a day would ever come when you can sport that costume? Well, today is the day then. Being able to portray the enigmatic character in the form of cosplay is nothing but amazing! Get the costume and the golden handcuffs along with the signature Wonder Woman crown at an affordable price. It will just be a bonus for you in that case.

  •    The Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit:

The trending series, Breaking Bad makes headlines now and then and the generations at large are hooked to the show. So, it is your chance to steal the opportunity. Sport the breaking bad hazmat suit and be like one of those men at the lab. It comes in the overall covered suit with the latex gas mask, goggles and even the goatee. The costume is entirely safe and comfortable and is tested by professionals and manufacturers.

  •    The Joker:

The iconic character of all times. The face of the joker is the most essential part to make. If you are good at painting, avail this opportunity and get to work. This can be interesting with the yellowish green hair, white face, dark Smokey eyes and uneven red lipstick. The best twist will be if you are a girl and you sport this look. It will be something unconventional. So, here is your chance.

  •    Harley Quinn:

Talking about the joker, how can we miss Harley Quinn out? Sporting a Harley Quinn costume is affordable and comfortable at the same time. You need a pair of mesh stockings, a pair of shorts, a fitted t-shirt, and some temporary hair colour. Part your hair and make two ponytails. Colour one ponytail in blue and the other one in pink. Set the base of your makeup and do an excellent Smokey eye. Place the design of a little heart underneath one eye and smear some lipstick on and you are good to go.

You can go with one of these looks and be sure to make heads turn and grab all the attention of the evening (maybe the prize, as well)!

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