Why Canada could soon be the No.1 study abroad destination

Every international education aspirant seeks to go to a country that provides him with the maximum educational and job opportunities.  To study in any college or university is a once in a lifetime experience for a student who wants to be well established later in his life. The education system in India does provide great opportunities, but Canada aims to convert those opportunities into successful results. It helps the student to be better in all the aspects instead of just one.

Canada is becoming one of the most preferred study destinations due to a lot of factors including its university rankings, cost of living, cost of education, culture and natural beauty.

There are a number of reasons why Canada could soon be the No 1 study destination:-

  1.  A liberal country

Earlier USA, Australia, and the UK were one of the most preferred ones but due to the visa restrictions and these countries making it difficult for international students to obtain work visas, to get jobs and to settle down after completion of their students.  Whereas Canada is a liberal country that is open to all the international students, irrespective of any specific religion or country.  One of the finest parts of studying in Canada is its healthy education system and friendly student environment.

  1. Work Experience

Canada is one such country that offers an advantage to students to work off campus while studying.  According to the recent reports, the government has eased out the rules for international students. They can now work on and off campus while studying and secure three-year visas, later on, all of which accounts for an eventual permanent residency – making the Canadian education system more worldwide than it has ever been.

flag of Canada

  1. Distinctive Courses

There is a myriad of courses and subjects available in various colleges and top-rated universities that will serve the interests and passion of any student.  All the institutions are well equipped with modern and latest technology that not only improves the quality of education but also helps the student learn practical and applied skills. Canada is well known for its vocational courses as it helps the student gaining practical experience that further open up the gates for higher opportunities.

  1. SDS System

An initiative taken by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), SDS (Student Direct Stream) is a system in order to provide the Indian students with a faster Visa Application processing time and an opportunity to study in Canada’s Post-secondary institutions that includes universities and postgraduate colleges. It is a student permit facilitation scheme that helps in a quick and easy visa processing of international students.  It proved to be a great help to students who wish to study in Canada.  It has open new pathways and given them an easy option for faster processing of their application and this becoming one of the reasons for students preferring to study in Canada.

  1. Multi-Culture and Secure environment

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with people who are amiable and accepting at the same time. The student does not have to fret about fitting in the environment as he will automatically adapt himself to its convivial culture.  The multi-culture environment provides an open experience and opportunity to build up connections with people from all around the world.

Most universities in Canada also provide scholarships to the international students that become a big help for them in paying off the course fee. All these factors account for Canada becoming the number 1 study abroad destination.

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